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Detailed schedule for the event

Conference Room

DAY 1 - 26th April (IST)

12:45 PM

Welcome & Inauguration

Dilip Cherian

Dr Roshani Sanghani

Dr Salih Al-Ansari

1:15 PM

Welcome & Inauguration

Shashikant Iyengar

1:45 PM

The Journey of

Anup Singh

2:15 PM

Metabolic Therapies in Metabolic Syndrome

Dr Hassina Kajee

3:00 PM

Diabetes Remission Case Study

Anup Chaudhary &
Abhinav Pathare

3:45 PM

Blinded By Sugar

Dr James Muecke

Prajakta Abhyankar

4:30 PM

Low Carb in Chronic Kidney Disease

Dr Alok Gupta

5:15 PM

Metabolic Therapies in Metabolic Syndrome

Dr Parikshit Bhattacharya

6:00 PM

The Carnivore Diet & Autoimmune Disorders

Dr Anthony Chaffee

6:45 PM

Low Carb & Diabetes

Dr David Cavan

7:30 PM

Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease

Dr Shawn Baker - USA

8:15 PM

Ketogenic Diet & Mental Health

Nicole Laurent, LMHC

9:00 PM

PCOS & Mental Health

Dr Shabnam Das Kar

9:45 PM

Cholesterol Concerns With Low Carb Diet

David Diamond PhD

10:30 PM

Overfed But Undernourished

Peter Ballerstedt PhD

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